Born in Fort Worth, Texas

October, 1997


TriQuest opened for business in October, 1997. The internet had just surpassed 1 million sites on the world-wide web. Email was new and just catching on. Businesses ran Windows 95 on the desktop and Windows NT on a server, if they had a server at all. Fast dial-up modems ran at 56k.

Today, there are over a billion websites on the internet. An estimated 2.4 billion emails are sent daily. The average person has three digital devices, each with a different operating system. Everyone is connected all the time.

The journey has been dynamic, exciting and full of interesting surprises and challenges. One constant through the years, however, is the importance of doing the right things right.

TriQuest’s strategy is to pursue excellence in three areas: knowledge, teamwork, and ethics.


TriQuest employees have a passion for learning. Internally developed plans lead the new team member through initial training to certification in a variety of specialties. Everyone learns a core set of skills while developing deep knowledge in specialty areas. Each employee spends a minimum of 204 hours a year studying and researching technology that benefits our customers.

Consistent learning and cross-training ensures that we have skilled technicians available as needed.


Teamwork allows us to deliver superior designs and service. TriQuest is a matrix organization, where the task at hand is led by a subject matter expert. Everyone works with humility in an environment where the best idea wins. This sounds crazy to some, but it is powerful. The results are better and it is just plain fun to work this way. The TriQuest team is one whose capabilities are greater than the sum of its parts.

TriQuest purchased a building in 2015. Utilizing our project management expertise, we acted as General Contractor and transformed the building into our clubhouse. We are centrally located in the 76102 Central Business District, convenient for both employees and customers. The new office includes a learning center where we invite guests to experience the latest technology. Team members use the learning center to conduct and attend learning events that increase both the acquisition and application of new learning. There are areas for collaboration and independent working. There is a fully-functional IT training lab, a workroom, and of course, a coffee bar. The entire building is a purpose-built tool that fosters teamwork.


TriQuest’s services are delivered ethically. To us, ethics is belief in action. Our values are emblazoned on the office wall. These aren’t just words. We hire new team members who share these values and are committed to working this way. We constantly review and discuss how to apply these concepts in our daily lives. We treat each other, our customers, and our vendors according to these values. This list of non-negotiable beliefs is how decisions are validated.

TriQuest was recognized for ethical business practices with the Greater Tarrant County Business Ethics Award.

Whatever future advancements bring, TriQuest will be there to listen, advise, plan, coordinate, and support technology so it is reliable.